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arvon_g - SLACKWARE 13.37 Install
SLACKWARE 13.37 Install
I just upgraded my main desktop from Slackware 13.1 to Slackware 13.37 and immediately ran into a problem. Like most linux distros, Slackware now autodetects the X windows settiings. My macine has an Nvidia GeForce 7050 video chipset so Slackware defaulted to the Nouveau video driver. The problem being that the nouveau driver is still broken. the result was that when I started X, the screen was smeared and checker-boarded.

Blacklisting the driver didn't work because when I "startx", the driver was loaded despite the blacklisting.

The solution that finally worked for me was to rename the driver so it coouldn't be loaded and install the official Nvidia driver. The only quirk of this was that when I would exit X, the screen would be expanded off of the monitor's viewing area. Setting the default console resolution to max in lilo fixed that.

Otherwise, 13.37 is working like a charm so far.

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